Photo: Tom Loccisano/Getty Images; Amy Sussman/Getty Images

After yesterday’s possible fakeout—were those Klingons or not?—it’s nice to have some Star Trek: Discovery news that isn’t more speculation. Screenrant reports that the ship’s crew has just beamed up its chief medical officer Dr. Nambue, who will be played by 30 Rock’s Maulik Pancholy. What we don’t currently know is whether he’ll constantly remind the rest of the crew of his precise role on the Discovery à la Bones McCoy, or if he’ll be more of a Phlox and just kind of meander around the ship.

With Pancholy’s casting, we’ve got all the major Discovery officers—except, of course, the captain. While we wait on that announcement, the series has also added The Purge: Election Year’s Terry Serpico in the role of Admiral Anderson. And joining the doctor and high-ranking Starfleet official is Ensign Connor, who will be played by Sam Vartholomeos. We’re not going to call him the Wesley Crusher, since it was a while before Wesley became an ensign, but we’re keeping an eye on this junior officer.


Star Trek: Discovery is expected to launch (on CBS All Access) later this year.