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Star Trek Beyond’s John Cho to con gullible rich people for USA

John Cho in Star Trek Beyond (Photo: Paramount)

Star Trek Beyond’s John Cho may be stepping into the leading man role again after being tapped to star in Connoisseur, the latest antihero drama in development at USA. According to Variety, Cho will play Clay Park, a con man who makes millions hocking counterfeit wines to gullible 1-percent types, only to become ensnared in an organized crime syndicate and draw the attention of the feds. Clay’s life will become even more complicated when his criminal enterprise leads him to discover the truth behind a family tragedy.

Connoisseur will be Cho’s first starring role since ABC’s prematurely snuffed sitcom Selfie, and his first time being credited as an executive producer. The show comes from actor Gary Lundy, who wrote the pilot script and will produce the show alongside Hand Of God creator Ben Watkins. If Connoisseur makes it to series, at least the #StarringJohnCho creators will have one less poster to Photoshop.


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