The new Star Wars movies have been getting a lot of attention by announcing that they would be forcing a bunch of old people to get back together and pretend to hit stuff with magic swords and laser guns, so now Star Trek might as well do that too. After all, it has a bunch of old people of its own that are just sitting there, waiting to be pushed around and forced to do things they were tired of doing 40 years ago. Leonard Nimoy has been an important-ish part of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot since the beginning, acting as a Vulcan-sized apology to fans of the original show who can’t handle the fact that these new movies are slightly different from the thing they used to watch, and now William Shatner might be joining him for the Roberto Orci-directed Star Trek 3.

This rumor comes from Badass Digest, which reports that the current draft of the script for Star Trek 3: TekWar (working title that we made up) features a scene in which Shatner and Nimoy—as the original, pre-reboot Kirk and Spock—are somehow reunited. The scene is apparently “plot-driven,” so it might be difficult to cut if it’s real, but Badass Digest isn’t sure if the “prickly” Shatner will want to do it. After all, he’s probably busy doing whatever he does these days, which we assume involves avoiding sci-fi conventions and filming new episodes of $#*! My Dad Says. Meanwhile, the dreams of T.J. Hooker fans go forever ignored. They’ll probably appreciate this token reference, at least.