(Image: Marvel)

Avengers: Infinity War started shooting today, with Marvel releasing a brief featurette for the May 4, 2018 film. And while the video is mostly the studio’s creative side, discussing things like the careful moving of pieces that split the Avengers apart in Captain America: Civil War, or the difficulties in establishing villain Thanos as the baddest of the bad, it starts off with a bang, filming Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, and Chris Pratt all together on-set in Atlanta.


Even more amusingly, all three seem weirdly in character: Pratt is calm and self-assured, Holland is geeking out, and Downey Jr. is clearly feeling just a little bit of sarcastic exhaustion about this whole damn thing. “Day One of what promises to be a year of “fun-filled” lensing,” he finger-quotes, expressing a very Tony Stark-like sense of weariness at carrying an entire cinematic universe on his shoulders.