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Stanley Tucci to play an evil, rabid professor in (not) zombie movie

Stanley Tucci has been cast as the villain in the upcoming Patient Zero, Deadline reports. He joins Matt Smith and Natalie Dormer in the action film that sees the planet beset with a plague that transforms humanity into a new, even more violent race.

The protagonist, played by Smith, is immune to the super-rabies and has the ability to communicate with the infected species, incredibly convenient gifts he uses to hunt for Patient Zero and cure his wife. Tucci will play an infected professor who attempts to destroy Smith’s lab, because if there’s one thing the elites in higher education can’t stand, it’s wise guys without Pell grants trying to cure super-rabies. The cause of the virus isn’t yet clear, but it may well be that this hyper-aggressive pandemic is triggered by our collective response to the holocaust known as “Deflate-gate.”


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