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Stanley Tucci also joins Beauty And The Beast, sadly not as the title characters

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Just when we thought casting for the new live-action remake of Beauty And The Beast was complete and we could retire from writing about it, Disney pulls us back in for one. Last. Job. Variety reports that Stanely Tucci has joined the cast of the upcoming movie, though sadly, it will not be in the titular roles of both Beauty and Beast, because that would definitely be the most exciting thing Disney could’ve done.

The actor joins an already stuffed cast of notables, including Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, both are whom are stealing roles that should go to Tucci. Instead, he will be playing a new character created specifically for the film, Cadenza, a talking grand piano who is described as “a neurotic maestro.” And despite all the assumptions that these actors will be lending their voices to CGI creations, it’s now clear what Disney should do: allow Stanley Tucci to don old-school practical makeup effects and play every role, with the other actors’ line readings synched to his performances. Truly, it will be a Tucci-fest for the ages, and frankly, one of the only ways that this could possibly improve on the 1991 animated feature version. “Go Tucci or go home,” as we’re pretty sure studio executives always say.


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