It’s been a bad summer for horrifying stage collapses during concerts. After incidents at Cheap Trick and Flaming Lips shows where fortunately nobody was seriously hurt, a stage-collapse at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis left five people dead and 40 people injured on Saturday. It occurred during a performance by the country group Sugarland and pop singer Sara Bareilles, when winds gusting between 60 and 70 mph whipped through the fairgrounds and took down the stage after Bareilles' opening set.

The scaffolding fell on the “Sugarpit,” a special area designated for Sugarland’s biggest fans, about four minutes after fair-goers were warned to leave and find shelter. "It's not clear to me at this stage how anyone could have foreseen a sudden, highly localized gust of wind in one place," said Gov. Mitch Daniels, who called it a “freakish accident.” Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the collapse. [Via CNN]