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St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein in 2014.
Photo: Rob Kim (Getty Images)

Sleater-Kinney still rocks in the hearts of riot grrrls of a certain age, and it was an honest-to-goodness event when the trio returned in 2015 with No Cities To Love, their first album in a decade. Now, the band, which consists of Corin Tucker, Janet Weiss, and Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein, appear to have announced a new album. Even better? It’s produced by Annie Clark, who you may also know as pop-rock deity St. Vincent.

Both Sleater-Kinney and Clark took to Twitter this morning with the announcement, sharing photos of them in the studio and appearing to promise a 2019 release for the new material.


Clark is a vocal fan of the band, having covered The Woods’ “Modern Girl” last year. She also guested on Portlandia, and recruited Brownstein for the surreal short videos that accompanied her 2017 record, Masseduction.

Watch Clark’s “Modern Girl” cover below.


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