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St. Vincent has a new line of guitars

(Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dLvo3c3ht4)

Where do you turn if you’re a hip, hard-rocking iconoclast who still wants some kind of signature, name-branded product? If you’re St. Vincent—and, hence, her real-life alter ego, Annie Clark—it’s simple: you launch your own line of guitars. Consequence Of Sound reports that Clark is working with guitar manufacturer Ernie Ball Music Man to release her own distinctive brand of slim, angular electric guitars. The St. Vincent Signature Collection comes in four finishes, including “The Thin White Duke,” named in honor of David Bowie, who died a year ago today.

Clark talked about the guitars with Guitar World recently, saying, “It’s a classic, elegant-looking guitar. I’ve been playing it every single day, putting it through its paces and writing song after song on it.” Ernie Ball also released a press release for the product launch, full of phrases like “gunstock oil and hand-rubbed rosewood neck” and “5-way pick up selector with custom configuration and 3-mini humbuckers,” which will presumably set guitar fans to salivating. The instruments currently retail for $1,899 apiece.


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