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While craft coffee hasn’t permeated culture in the same way craft beer has, it’s taking cues from breweries that routinely offer up collaborative beers for special occasions—or, in the case of the metal-loving Three Floyds, bands it cites as inspiration. The Chicago-based coffee roasters at Intelligentsia have previously taken a page from this book by collaborating with musicians—most notably Wilco and Anticon. For its most recent collaborative roast, Intelligentsia has paired itself with St. Vincent’s Annie Clark to offer up “Bring Me Your Mugs” (a reference to “Bring Me Your Loves,” from St. Vincent’s most recent album) in select locations.

“Bring Me Your Mugs” was created after mutual admiration lead to Intelligentsia sending Clark various samples for a possible signature blend, with Clark settling on the Costa Rican Flecha Roja, notable for its fruity flavor. Though it’s only available from select Intelligentsia stores at the moment, “Bring Me Your Mugs” will soon make its way to St. Vincent’s website, so fans everywhere can pick up a pound and brew it in the comfort of their own home. Or just buy it as a weird souvenir and default to a K-cup instead.


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