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Springsteen to close Giants Stadium

Though he's been a longtime champion of the blue-collar little guy, Bruce Springsteen has agreed to help close Giants Stadium, resulting in a loss of employment for dozens of hardscrabble football players, who will now have to roam the streets of East Rutherford, New Jersey begging for change.

Seriously, though, The Boss announced at a show last night that he and his "wrecking crew" (a.k.a. The E Street Band) would be the final act to play at the humongous stadium, with three shows this fall, Sept. 30, Oct.2, and Oct. 3. Giants Stadium will be leveled next year, and replaced with America's largest Communist Party re-education center. Half of that sentence is not true.

One more joke? Springsteen made the announcement at the Izod Center, where he praised preppies as the future of the country. (Half of that sentence is true.)


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