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Despite being relatively new to the music-streaming game, The Beatles are dominating the online radio waves. The Fab Four’s music finally became available to anyone who might not have collected most of their records (or anthologies) back in December, when their catalog hit music-streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music. But Spotify has revealed that the Beatles have averaged 6.5 million listeners a month since debuting on the service late last year, a rate that places them well above contemporary acts like Ed Sheeran (“music for insomniacs”) and Ariana Grande, which might just be the result of licking donuts and hating America, we guess.

Aside from that dazzling multi-million figure, Spotify released data on the amount of time spent listening to Beatles songs since last Christmas, which adds up to 2,793 years. And since music can’t be streamed backwards, we can safely assume that number wasn’t reached by a bunch of teens straining to catch the “Paul is dead” reference. Now, it hardly comes as a shock that one of the most popular bands of all time should see a resurgence in popularity, given that said popularity has really never waned. What is somewhat surprising—that is, if George Harrison isn’t your favorite Beatle—is that the most popular tune so far is Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun,” which has beat both “Come Together” and “Yesterday” in streams.


[via CNET]