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Spotify hater Thom Yorke apparently has no problem with Apple Music

Never underestimate the power of Taylor Swift. In late June, she declared that she would not be supporting the new Apple Music streaming service due to the way it paid—or, rather, didn’t pay—the artists whose music was being streamed. However, inspired by the singer’s plucky attitude, Apple changed its ways and, in the end, Swift gave the company permission to stream her hit 1989 album. That’s not the only interesting change to come from Swift’s appeal to Apple, though, as Stereogum is reporting that famous Spotify hater Thom Yorke is also allowing his albums to be streamed on Apple Music. We’re not saying he was definitely inspired by Taylor Swift’s change of heart, but honestly, is there any more likely solution?

In July of 2013, York and collaborator Nigel Godrich pulled their Atoms For Peace album, Amok, from Spotify, citing the service as being “bad for new music.” He went on to say, essentially, that Spotify keeps people from buying music, which will eventually strangle the money-starved music industry. Evidently, though, he doesn’t feel the same way about Apple Music, because Amok, Yorke’s solo albums, and Radiohead’s In Rainbows—none of which are on Spotify—can be streamed on Apple’s new service. As of right now, Yorke hasn’t commented on this apparent policy shift, so that means we’re free to make wild assumptions about how much Taylor Swift was involved in this. Is there anything she can’t do?


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