As reported by Variety, Spotify has announced that it’s going to be expanding its offerings a little bit by introducing new video content to its existing music-streaming service this week. The explanation for how this will all work is a little vague, but Variety makes several references to users’ “daily media diet” and “the ‘playlist’ of their day,” so that sounds a little like the video stuff will be integrated into the regular music stuff. Spotify has apparently partnered with ESPN, Comedy Central (the article specifically calls out Broad City), NBC, Condé Nast Entertainment, and Vice News. So maybe that means you could be jamming out to some tunes on the playlist of your day, and then a clip from some rad Vice report on doing drugs at a cat cafe will come on to balance out your media diet.

Interestingly, Variety notes that it doesn’t know whether or not Spotify will be selling ads on this video content. We assume that it will—because duh, why wouldn’t it?—but if not, that would give it an easy excuse to not pay ESPN, Comedy Central, and the others any money for this stuff. After all, avoiding paying people is one of Spotify’s favorite things to do. Of course, all of this could end up being totally pointless if Apple successfully kills of Spotify, but, hey, let’s just watch some videos on Spotify while we can.