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Spooky season has arrived, and so has an exclusive The Mortuary Collection trailer

As if to make up for the lack of Halloween parties and haunted houses, October 2020 is absolutely packed with horror movies. But The Mortuary Collection is uniquely suited for the season. The debut feature from writer-director Ryan Spindell, The Mortuary Collection is a lushly photographed and playfully grisly horror anthology that—if you’ll forgive the poetic license—evokes the feeling of walking past a graveyard on a chilly October evening, autumn leaves crunching underfoot and an eerie electricity in the air. Tying together these five tales of EC Comics-inspired terror is veteran character actor (and Random Roles alum) Clancy Brown, who stars as delightfully decrepit mortician Montgomery Dark.


Following a festival run that included Fantastic Fest 2019 and this year’s Fantasia Film Festival (where we called it “appealingly morbid”), The Mortuary Collection hits Shudder on October 15. You can watch the exclusive trailer above.

Full disclosure: The author of this post participated in programming for the Music Box Theatre’s 31 Nights Of Drive-In Terror, which is sponsored by Shudder and will be screening The Mortuary Collection on October 12.