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Spoil that Christmas cheer with a terrifying trailer for Jordan Peele's Us

A couple weeks ago, Jordan Peele jacked up the hype for Us—the follow-up to his groundbreaking horror masterpiece Get Outwith a spooky new poster showing a figure in red wearing a single fingerless glove and a golden pair of scissors that were designed to look like the pair of heads that appeared on the film’s original poster. We had heard that the movie was about a couple taking their kids to a beach house to unwind until shocking uninvited visitors showed up and started freaking everybody out, but that didn’t explain the weird scissors or the red outfit.


Luckily, Peele also teased that he’d be dropping a new trailer on Christmas day, which happens to be today. In a move that’s fitting for a family holiday like today, the Us trailer happens to be all about family, both the real family that you love and the... well, scary nightmare family that tries to murder you and yours. Happy holidays!

Us will be in theaters on March 15.

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