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Spoil Me is here to ruin all movies by giving away the twist endings

Haven’t had time to sit through all two hours and 36 minutes of The Revenant? Don’t worry about it. Spoil Me, a highly specific movie database created by the French firm Buddyweb, is here to spill the beans about what happens at the end of that recent Oscar winner and lots of other movies as well. In this particular case, the first spoiler does not actually give away anything vital about the plot, though it may be considered a spoiler for anyone who DVR-ed the Academy Awards telecast and hasn’t gotten around to watching it yet.


Readers can choose to click through to other, more plot-heavy Revenant spoilers from there if that’s what they want, but the news of the star’s long-delayed Best Actor statuette is the first item to appear. The user interface at Spoil Me is extremely simple and intuitive. The site doesn’t give its users many options. There’s really only one item on the menu here. Simply type the name of the movie to be spoiled into the search bar, and the results will display whether or not there are any spoilers for that particular title. For instance:

One spoiler, eh? Wonder what it could be.


Oh, right. That. What about The Empire Strikes Back? Did they do Empire yet?


They did. Spoil Me is more or less in its infancy right now, so not every spoil-able movie has been spoiled so far. This is an open database, however, so visitors are free to submit their own movie-ruining additions. Someone, however, had the temerity to include that big reveal from the end of The Sixth Sense:


[via Laughing Squid]

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