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Spin takes a step back from print media, and Magnet takes one forward

In a move that signals the seemingly inevitable decline of print media at the hands of the internet, Spin announced that it is going from a monthly to a bimonthly publication schedule. It’s a move that all parties involved insist shows that Spin is evolving (and absolutely, positively not dying), even if it comes in tandem with the magazine cutting its rate base from 450,000 to 350,000. Spin will now put out six (rather than 11) issues a year, and they will boast bigger, heavier paper stock and center on themes, like fashion or Nevermind. The publication also has big plans for its website, with a redesign planned for next year that will have more reviews, blogs, and news items.

Because, after all, who in their right mind would put more capital into a print publication at this point, right? Right? Well, the people behind Magnet would. The long-running alt-rock magazine announced today that is re-launching as a monthly print edition. Does that sound like something you want? If so, Magnet asks that “all existing subscribers and industry people to email us their current mailing and email addresses ASAP. (Please put “MAGNET Contact Info Update” in the subject line.).” God speed, ladies and gentlemen.


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