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Spin City writer developing NBC comedy about the rightfully unspoken thoughts of men and women

It’s been a while since Spin City writer-producer Jeff Lowell has worked in television, and in that time he’s written and/or directed the feature films John Tucker Must Die, Hotel For Dogs, and Over Her Dead Body, which may explain why he’s now returning to TV with an NBC pilot. The untitled single-camera show will follow a man and woman as they navigate the ever-tricky world of romance, with the twist that the audience can hear the thoughts of both of them in voiceover. So it’s a bit like popular British series Peep Show and “a little bit like the balcony scene from Annie Hall”—that last one according to Lowell, who also says thatthe secret to happiness and a strong marriage is unexpressed thoughts.” This is also, coincidentally, the secret to being the agent for the guy who wrote and directed Over Her Dead Body.


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