Whenever a reality show includes a guest who appears in a horrible light, especially on series that specialize in portraying subjects as abominable monsters (Hello, Bridezillas), a logical question for viewers to ask is, “Why on Earth would they consent to be shown on camera?” And in the case of Spike TV’s Catch A Contractor, one lawsuit is alleging that the answer is, “Because I was forced to.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is being sued by a Los Angeles contractor for allegedly trapping him in a house and forcing him to sign a fraudulent release under duress.

Jeff Dilman is suing for fraud, false imprisonment, defamation, and violation of right to name or likeness for an episode of Catch A Contractor that aired on March 23 of last year. He claims that he went to the home of Scott Derman and Samantha Cadman to pick up a check for materials, and was instead surprised by show host Adam Carolla and his camera crew. Dilman, who possesses the smiling face and easy good looks of a man you immediately want to suspect of criminal wrongdoing, says that a bouncer blocked the door as he was given a choice: “return the money; walk away and have his company name mentioned while assisting the homeowners with their suit; or sign the release, appear on the show and complete the remodeling project.”


Making a choice that would definitely not return to haunt him, Dilman signed the release, and was immediately punished in the form of being paid $10,000 to appear on the show. But it’s possible that his anger stems less from the instant financial remuneration, and more from the fact that Adam Carolla brandished a large photo of him on national TV while calling Dilman a “criminal.” “I really hate guys like this,” Carolla added for emphasis, in case anyone didn’t get the show’s subtle suggestion that Mr. Jeff Dilman is a less-than-wonderful business associate.

There is no word yet on what kind of damages Dilman is seeking. Presumably, he would like a big hearty pile of money, a pile strong enough to support an entire house, something he would know a thing or two about, since he removed the support wall of Scott Derman and Samantha Cadman’s house.