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Spike TV offering $10 million to anyone who can finally prove that Bigfoot exists

In a promise of a large cash sum that's just slightly less likely to be paid out than Stephen Colbert's $1 million offer to have Donald Trump suck his balls, Spike TV has offered a $10 million prize to anyone who can provide irrefutable proof of the existence of Bigfoot, beyond that one time they saw him, and he was totally big and stuff, and they were so excited they forgot to get a picture. The network has already put in an order for 10 episodes of its new reality series 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, where teams of scientists, zoologists, trackers, and "actual Bigfoot hunters" not currently employed on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot will compete in teams to see who can be the first—and only—people to bring back indisputable evidence of the Sasquatch. Meanwhile, Lloyd's Of London has put up what's being called the largest cash prize in reality TV history, which should compensate for these people immediately flushing away all the profits their industry generates by Bigfoot remaining a mystery. That is, of course, until we launch our own equally scientifically sound reality series, offering $20 million to anyone who offers irrefutable proof that Bigfoot makes amazing frittatas.


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