Having already mined the history of this planet for upcoming miniseries about King Tut and the Crusades, Spike TV has set its sights on the stars for a series about the colonization, terraformation, and, quite possibly, the eventual explosion of the planet Mars. The series is called Red Mars, and it’s based off the Nebula and Hugo-award winning trilogy of sci-fi novels by Kim Stanley Robinson. The books are pretty ambitious—they take place over 200 years, feature viewpoints from a wide variety of characters, and go into detail on the scientific, political, and economic aspects of creating a new society. Adapting them properly should take patience and subtlety, qualities the network that brought you Impact Wrestling and Catch A Contractor will surely pick up as it goes along.

To help them develop the series, Spike TV has tapped Vince Gerardis. As a co-executive producer on Game Of Thrones, his experience with keeping track of a multitude of disparate characters spread across a fantastical landscape should come in handy.