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Spike TV is making a series about one of Donald Trump's many public feuds

But probably not the one you're thinking of.

Despite being an outsized national figure given to suing anyone who cracks wise about him, threatening to run for President, and having billions of dollars, Donald Trump has rarely been portrayed onscreen by anyone other than Donald Trump. Spike TV—maverick man's man of a cable channel that it is—is looking to change that. Last week, the network announced it will be producing an "event series" (bro-speak for mini-series) based on Trump's battle with fellow real estate mogul Steve Wynn for control of the Atlantic City resort market. For over five years in the late ’90s and early 2000s, the two engaged in complex legal maneuvering, expensive industrial espionage, and lots and lots of name calling. When not taking potshots concerning which of them could best the other at golf, their constant one-upmanship helped transform Atlantic City from a town on the decline into one of the premier tourist attractions on the East Coast.


The series is based on The War At The Shore, a firsthand account of the feud written by Richard "Skip" Bronson, a real estate developer who worked for Wynn during the conflict. The show is part of Spike TV's return to scripted programming, following a year-long break after the conclusion of Blue Mountain State in 2011. There's no word yet on who may play Trump on the show, but given Trump's litigiousness, whoever it is better have a decent lawyer.

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