It’s already May 5, which means that Spike TV has no choice but to promise its roommates that it’s going to re-enter the world of scripted television and make that original event miniseries it’s been talking about. You know, the one about Tutankhamun.

The Fosters’ Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige are going to help Spike TV write Tut, and Spartacus’ Angela Mancuso will executive produce it. It’s not going to be like last time. Ancient Egypt is hot right now. HBO is doing it. Fox is doing it.


Deadline is reporting that this is “the first time King Tut’s story has been told on television”—presumably because Deadline has never watched the entirety of Russell Mulcahy’s Hallmark Channel production The Curse Of King Tut’s Tomb (starring Casper Van Dien!) on Netflix in the middle of the night.

If Matt can just cover Spike TV’s share of the ComEd bill again, Tut will begin shooting in Morocco and Canada this fall. No word yet as how Spike TV will fit Tut into its busy schedule of watching six hours of Gangland followed by six hours of Cops before falling asleep on the couch.