Like a man imprisoned without explanation, only to emerge tougher, angrier, and ready to beat Nelson Mandela, the twice-delayed Oldboy has been locked up for yet another month. Spike Lee’s remake of the Park Chan-wook revenge thriller was originally slated for release on October 25—a weekend steeped in the sort of Halloween-timed horror that FilmDistrict presumably didn’t want unduly coloring public perception of its movie, in which Josh Brolin smashes people’s heads in with a hammer. (But in a psychologically complex way.) So Oldboy has now been pushed back a month to November 27, where it will compete with more prestigious, Oscar-baiting fare like Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Out Of The Furnace, and the Nicole Kidman-starring Grace Of Monaco. Also it’s Thanksgiving weekend, and Oldboy is nothing if not about families getting together.