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Spike Lee returns with 24-esque thriller, Nagasaki Deadline

Always one for controversial, of-the-moment stories—particularly when their subjects are sore and sensitive—Spike Lee has signed on to direct Nagasaki Deadline, a touchy terrorist thriller scripted pre-9/11 and put in a file drawer post-9/11 due to “too soon” fears. Lee’s first narrative feature since 2008’s Miracle At St. Anna, the film sounds like some combination of National Treasure and 24: It focuses on an FBI agent racing the clock to thwart terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that are possibly tied to historical events. Nagasaki is scripted by David and Peter Griffiths and will be produced by Alcon Entertainment as well as two of James Cameron’s producing partners at Lightstorm Entertainment, Jon Landau and Rae Sanchini. (James Cameron was originally attached as a producer, but according to Deadline's report, he won’t take a credit on the film.)


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