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Illustration for article titled Spike Lee is remaking iShes Gotta Have It/i as a TV show

For those who watched Spike Lee’s 1986 film She’s Gotta Have It and found themselves wondering she’s gotta have it on a weekly basis, Lee is developing a remake of his feature debut as his possible TV series debut. Lee has partnered with Showtime on an update of the landmark film that first kickstarted Lee’s career, along with breaking new ground in American independent film, movies directed by and about African-Americans, and annoying sneaker pitchmen. Like the original, the half-hour She’s Gotta Have It will revolve around sex and love in a contemporary Brooklyn, with Lee offering, according to Deadline, his “unique and provocative points of view about race, gender, sexuality, relationships, and the gentrification in Brooklyn”—that last bit no doubt informed by Lee’s recent rants about “motherfuckin’ hipsters.” Unlike the original, expect to see the “sexually independent Brooklynite who juggles three suitors” occasionally interrupted by Lee’s Mars Blackmon, as he wanders on screen to complain for several minutes about how the parks are full of people’s fucking strollers.


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