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Crafting a love story for anyone who has ever asked iPhone’s Siri to marry them (if not some other, less gentlemanly request), Spike Jonze is developing his original screenplay about a guy who falls for the female, Siri-like voice on his computer. Deadline reports that Amy Adams, Carey Mulligan, and Samantha Morton are all currently in talks to lend their respective dulcet, understanding, non-judgmental-about-your-need-to-find-the-nearest-adult-video-store tones to the project—which is not to be confused with that project Jonze is also developing with Charlie Kaufman, even though the Deadline article originally did exactly that. Provided it's not another problem of wires getting crossed, Joaquin Phoenix is the guy who suffers from life-derailing delusions, and may also play the main character in this movie. Anyway, no details are available beyond that brief synopsis, but presumably Jonze’s lovesick human will find a way to cope with their never being able to be together by just switching on the condescending British guy. Nobody likes that guy.


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