People like to make fun of Kanye West. He has a very strong personality, and it seems like he wants everything he touches to be a certified Big Deal, which gets on some people’s nerves. But, in all honesty, it’s a bit tough to think of snarky things to say about his latest video, which features Kanye singing to his daughter, North, as they walk around together in the rain. We’re not challenging the Internet to come up with jokes about the video, we’re just saying that maybe nobody needs to this time. The song—which is titled “Only One”—is written from the perspective of Kanye’s late mother, and it’s all about how much he loves his daughter, and also it features Paul McCartney on piano. Step up your games, other dads, because that’s solid. You can see the video for yourself at Kanye’s official website.

We can, however, think of snarky things to say about Spike Jonze, who directed the video. Hey, Spike, was it too hard for you to keep the camera steady while you filmed this? Or were you trying to make people queasy when they watch it? Some of us just want to see Kanye West sing about his daughter without getting terrible headaches, Mr. Where The Wild Things Are. Remember how Her was nominated for a bunch of Oscars, and none of them were about directing? Maybe there’s a reason for that. Also, Spike is a silly name. Wait, no. This is getting too personal. You’re alright, Spike Jonze. We take it all back.