In more welcome glory days reunion news, director Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman are said to be looking to do their first film together since 2002’s Adaptation, with the L.A. Times reporting that the duo is currently pitching a top-secret project to various investors. No details about it are known—not that they’d be of much help, given that Kaufman’s movies are usually fairly hard to condense into easily prejudged loglines—but it is said to be a pitch only, meaning no script has been written yet. Although since Synecdoche, N.Y., Kaufman has been known to be working with Sony on Frank Or Francis—a Hollywood satire that’s also a musical, about a director of bland commercial movies trying to reinvent himself as a serious auteur—the project has apparently stalled, so it’s not that. Jonze, of course, has been more or less free since Where The Wild Things Are, and given the drawn-out studio battles that movie caused, it seems likely that he might be looking to return to the smaller, artier films that helped make his name in the first place. So the time may soon be right for the two to get back to crazy conceptual copulatin’, which is good news indeed.