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Spies In Disguise releases Super Secret Trailer to the world

If you’ve anxiously been awaiting the animated super-spy Will-Smith-gets-turned-into-a-pigeon movie, your wait is (finally) almost over. Blue Sky Studios’ Spies In Disguise is due out this Christmas after a number of delays (original release date: January 2019). As this final trailer makes plain, Spies features Smith as Lance Sterling, the world’s greatest spy, who gets turned into a pigeon after drinking a potion from his nerdy tech officer Walter Beckett (Tom Holland). So Walter and pigeon Lance then have to join forces to defeat the evil Killian (Ben Mendelsohn). Walter claims that he turned Lance into a pigeon because pigeons make the best spies—they’re everywhere, and nobody notices them. Sure, but it must be difficult to defeat evil-doers without opposable thumbs. You can find out how Lance Sterling succeeds when Spies In Disguise hits theaters on December 25.


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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