It has been some time since we’ve heard anything regarding Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, Broadway’s musical about the responsibility that comes with great power, and also with spending so much money on a Spider-Man play that you have to run for years and years in order to break even. But like the dark, it’s always out there, just waiting for someone to yell, “Turn it off! Turn it off!” because they got a body part stuck in it.

That’s what happened last night, anyway, after actor Daniel Curry got his ankle caught in a hydraulic stage lift, bringing the show to a halt with his screams in a throwback to the days of 2010 and 2011, when this was one of Turn Off The Dark’s regularly featured numbers. Curry is currently hospitalized in stable condition with a serious leg injury—an injury the show’s producers have blamed on human error, rather than a malfunction of the equipment that has seemingly been designed specifically to ensnare and injure humans. “The technical elements of the show are all in good working order,” show spokesman Rick Miramontez said, in what should be construed as a threat.


Anyway, tonight’s performance will go on as scheduled—Curry, after all, is just one of nine Spider-Mans who appear in every show, a strategy that allows for the mauling of at least eight—while the Actor’s Equity Association has vowed to investigate how this dangerous, unnecessarily complicated contraption with a history of injuring actors could have possibly injured an actor.