Like snowflakes, no two Jeff Buckley biopics are alike. One of them, the recently announced Greetings From Tim Buckley, focuses on the late singer’s relationship with his equally cultishly adored father and stars Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley as the alt-rock icon. The other, more official Jeff Buckley biopic offers a more comprehensive story of his life and death, boasts actual Jeff Buckley music (as it’s being produced by Buckley’s mother), and, despite the open overtures of Robert Pattinson, it now stars Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’s Reeve Carney in the lead role, where his recent brushes with bombastic pop ballads and tragedy befalling performers should come in handy. The as-yet-untitled film from Welcome To The Rileys director Jake Scott begins shooting this November, presumably joining Greetings in theaters in 2012—the year when seemingly every movie will have a twin. That way, they’ll never get lonely! [via Movieline]