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Spider-Man to get parents, pointless new super-villain in next sequel

If an exclusive feature in the Hollywood Reporter is to believed, the Marc Webb  Spider-Man reboot — which came into being against all odds when plans for Spider-Man 4 fell apart — will reach new heights in introducing characters no one  cares about.  Having already signed Emma Stone to play Gwen Stacy, the blondest and least interesting of Spidey's many love interests, Webb has apparently brought in Damages' Campbell Scott and Law & Order:  Whichever's Julianne Nicholson to play the marginally important roles of Peter Parker's parents.  Additionally, Slumdog Millionaire's Irrfan Khan will be brought in to play the villain:  Nels Van Atter.

Since only the nerdiest of readers didn't just say "Who?", we'll explain:  Nels Van Atter (we're guessing, given the casting, that he's related to the Jaipur Van Atters) is an OsCorp employee who becomes the little-known, yawn-inducing villain known as the Proto-Goblin.  Hey, it's not like Spider-Man has an entire rogue's gallery of well-known villains to burn through, people.  Anyway, it'll be in 3D, and that's exciting, right?

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