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Spider-Man: Homecoming is getting a prequel comic

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Next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming is bringing the wall-crawler back to theaters, but people eager for more new stories about Peter Parker have so far been stuck with nothing but the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man comic, the Spidey comic, the Spider-Man/Deadpool series, and any of the various Spider-Man-adjacent books where he might pop up.

But it looks like that might change next year: As reported by MCU Exchange (via Comic Book Resources), a listing recently popped up on Amazon for a trade paperback called Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude that will be released on June 20, 2017—about two weeks before the movie it’s named after comes out. The MCU Exchange story points out that Marvel does usually release tie-in prequel comics for its movies that fill in some background details that aren’t explicitly underlined in the final film, so it won’t be especially surprising if it does the same for Homecoming.


That being said, Homecoming being a reboot of the Spider-Man movie series means background details are going to be a bit more crucial than they might be for Iron Man 3 or whatever. Who knows, maybe the tie-in prequel will even feature Uncle Ben getting killed, and then the movie won’t have to waste everybody’s time by showing it again. We remember the gist of his big lesson, anyway: Something about great power, something about great responsibility.

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