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Photo: Avengers: Infinity War (Marvel Studios)

There was a huge Spider-Man: Far From Home panel at the CCXP comic convention in Brazil this weekend, and while those of us who weren’t there didn’t get to see the new trailer that premiered, some footage from the panel has popped up online that gives us some very weird and surprising hints at the direction the movie will take. We just got confirmation that Jake Gyllenhaal will appear in the movie as classic Marvel baddie Mysterio (a.k.a. Quentin Beck), but apparently he and Spider-Man are actually going to team-up in Far From Home. That comes from Brazilian news site Omelete (via /Film), which says that Nick Fury actually recruits Spider-Man to help him and Beck fight off a mysterious race of alien creatures called Elementals that Beck seems to know an awful lot about.


Here’s the thing, though: That’s definitely all bullshit. Not to spoil the movie, but Mysterio’s whole shtick is that he’s a master of special effects and illusions, which he uses to make people think he has special powers or that he’s someone else. Assuming this report is all legitimate, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that Gyllenhaal’s character definitely manufactured the threat of these Elementals for whatever reason and is faking their invasion. The Far From Home trailer shown in Brazil also supposedly featured Gyllenhaal in a full Mysterio costume, complete with the classic fish bowl helmet, which could easily be used to conceal his identity if he wants to do bad guy stuff while simultaneously working with Nick Fury.

Also, it’s fun that we’re all just quietly accepting the fact that Peter Parker and Nick Fury are going to come back to life someday after they got snapped by Thanos in Infinity War. Good thing Avengers: Endgame comes out a few months before Far From Home.

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