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Screenshot: White Boy Rick (YouTube)

It may seem a little late for happy hour, but it’s never too late for Trailer Happy Hour, the semi-regular A.V. Club feature where we post some trailers that didn’t get their own story earlier in the day. Today we’ve got Matthew McConaughey playing a retro bad dad in White Boy Rick, a teaser for season three of HBO’s Insecure, and a trailer for the next season of Netflix’s The Ranch that is significant for very bad reasons. After this we can all go to bed!

But first, we have to travel to 1984 for White Boy Rick, a movie that is completely spoiled by the YouTube description of this trailer. It’s based on a true story, so you can’t really spoil true events, but we’ll do you a courtesy and not say too much about what happens to the eponymous white boy named Rick. What we can say, though, is that the movie was directed by Yann Demange and that it features Matthew McConaughey as a dad with a mustache. Does he have mustaches in a lot of roles? It sure seems like it, but we don’t think of him as a mustache guy.

There isn’t very much to say about this teaser for season three of Insecure, as it’s only about 30 seconds long, but we’re not going to turn down a chance to hang out with Issa Rae for half of a minute. Alright, it’s more like 25 seconds, since nearly a third of this video is HBO trying to get you to subscribe to its YouTube page, but whatever. Insecure will return to HBO on August 12.

Back in December, Danny Masterson was fired from Netflix’s The Ranch after four women accused him of rape (a fifth accuser has since come forward as well). This trailer for the show’s next season covers his final episodes, but since he’s only in this clip for about one second, it’s clear that Netflix wants to distance itself from him as much as possible. The Ranch will return to Netflix on June 15.


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