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Spend a few minutes with Halloween’s most adorable trick-or-treater

If you’re one of those people who finds yourself repelled by the thought of raccoons hanging out with you, Rufus might be the one to change your mind. This adorable little guy is the star of “Rufus, The Trick Or Treating Trash Panda,” a short YouTube video that conclusively demonstrates that these little guys can be unbelievably cute. Brought to you by Internet Action Force, Rufus eats candy of all kinds, right out of the hands of his human benefactor—not to mention Twinkies, dried fruit, ice cream, watermelon, and just about anything else you could imagine might appeal to an animal accustomed to eating out of a garbage can. While you’re enjoying this Halloween, why not take a couple of minutes and spend them with Rufus, set to the strains of Toy Story’s “You’ve Got A Friend In Me.” Also, we’re just going to gloss right over the stupidity of filming vertically with your camera, because we’ve got that holiday spirit.

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