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Spend 55 hours with 800 chronologically arranged alt-rock tracks from the ‘90s

Daft Punk, circa Homework

A Medium user named Naxuu has made a gigantic, 800-track “alt/indie-focused ‘90s playlist in chronological order.” Split into three parts—1990-1994, 1995-1996, and 1997-1999—the running time for the whole playlist is about 55 hours. And, as Naxuu says, “it’s chronological on a micro level,” meaning that “a track released May 7, 1994 will come before a track released May 14, 1994.” Smartly, the list also comes out of a place of good, with Naxuu writing that the inspiration for the list came out of “seeing one too many of those nostalgia-bait pieces” aimed at people his age, the “You totally forgot about these 20 amazing hits from the ‘90s,” where, as Naxuu puts it, “it’s all stuff you haven’t really forgotten at all, because if you were young throughout that period then the songs you heard are forever embedded in your consciousness.” [via MetaFilter]


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