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“Spellfucker” is a wonderful tool for destroying the English language


Misspelled words are funny. Just look at LOLcatz. Or Puddle Of Mudd. Misspelled words can also be helpful, as “obfuscated text” can help circumvent the nosey word filters of search engines and data mining tools. Still, one must ensure that obfuscated text is still readable for us humans, which remains the tricky part.


There’s a slew of text obfuscation websites out there, but this one may be the most fun. Spellfucker distinguishes itself with a method that “uses random replacements which makes the reverting process more difficult.” Despite the randomness, the text still remains readable (and pretty amusing). As a means of demonstration, the site obfuscates the lyrics to Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, though its effectiveness can be displayed using any number of songs.

Here’s the spellfucked lyrics to Puddle Of Mudd’s “Blurry”, for example:

“Everithing’se soe bluri

end everione’ce soe pheyke

end everibowdi’z empti

end everithingue ees soe mesced up

Preockupyd whythoud jou

I cenod lyve aed el

Mi wuole whorld suroundse jou

I stumble then I crewl

jou kould be mi sowmeone

jou kould be mi sssene

jou gnaw thaed I’l prowtecd jou

phromn el hoph the hobsssene

I whondor wuaed jou’re duoyngue

eemagine wuair jou eyre

Thear’se hosseance een betwien uz

Bud that’ce gnod veri pher

ckan jou theyke eet el oway?

kan jou theyke eet el oway?

whel jou shouved eet een mi pheice

Thise pein jou geive thoe me

ckan jou thaeke eet el oway?

kan jou theyke eet el oway?

whel jou showved eet een mi phaece”

It can even obfuscate words that have already been obfuscated. Staind, for example, reads as “Steind” when spellfucked. In that spirit, here’s the spellfucked lyrics to the first verse of “It’s Been A While”:

“End eet’s byn ewuile

cyns I ckould whold mi khead up khyg

end eet’s bien ewuile

cynse I phyrsd sow jou

end eet’s bien ewuile

cyns I kould stend hon mi hown thwoe phyd agein

end eet’s byn ewuile

cynse I kould cel jou”

“This project has experimental status at the moment,” the site warns. “Use at you own risk.” In other words, it might not be ready to spellfuck Hoobastank just yet.

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