This November, you can see James Bond on the only screen large enough to do his turtleneck justice. /Film reports that Spectre will be getting a global IMAX release on November 6, the same date as its theatrical release in the U.S. But because Sam Mendes isn’t shooting the film with IMAX cameras—an extra effort that Christopher Nolan made with portions of his last two Dark Knight films and Interstellar—Spectre will be digitally remastered to meet IMAX’s image and sound quality standards instead.

That might be a letdown for some viewers, but when Skyfall was released in IMAX in 2012, its remastered format allowed audiences to see up to 26 percent more of the image as it was originally captured compared to the conventional release. That made the footage of characters teetering on the edge of skyscrapers more dizzying, the monologues explicating the themes more epic, and the part where the villain was intentionally captured and then escaped more thrilling. So you see, even though The Dark Knight was shot with IMAX cameras and Skyfall wasn’t, they still delivered very similar experiences. If you’re now persuaded to see Spectre on the biggest screen possible, we’re sure advance ticket sales will start 10 minutes from now, or some other time ridiculously far in advance.