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Spectre teaser photo unveils new, comfy James Bond

The new Land's End catalogue, page 23

Sure, it may look like Daniel Craig is modeling an attractive new turtleneck for a high-end fashion line, but… actually, given James Bond’s merchandising synergy, that’s probably exactly what’s happening here. Nonetheless, the above photo has been released as a poster for the upcoming 24th Bond film, Spectre. And much like in the first official images from the film that we recently covered as part of a behind-the-scenes tease, Bond looks like he’s spurning his traditional tuxedo for a more relaxed spy look. Finally, the British MI6 secret agent who is equally at home killing anonymous goons or playing a killer game of Pictionary on board game night.

Bond fans will remember that SPECTRE stands for, “Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion,” and is a fairly nasty organization. But while we‘ll have to wait until November 6 to see how Bond’s latest adventure unfolds, there’s no need to wait to acquire the spy’s sense of glamorous style. After all, he totally stole the tactleneck look from Sterling Archer, and you can buy that thing right here. (Wait, no, it’s sold out. You’ll pay for this, SPECTRE!)


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