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Spartacus’ Nick Tarabay to play Captain Boomerang on Arrow

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It seems the best way to get a job on Arrow is to have previously had a job on Spartacus, since Manu Bennett, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Katrina Law, and now Nick Tarabay have all made the jump from Starz’s preeminent shirtless-man show to The CW’s preeminent shirtless-man show. This comes from Entertainment Weekly, which reports that Tarabay will be joining Arrow during its upcoming third season as the most famous Australian in the world of comic books: the villainous Captain Boomerang. Despite the silly name, Captain Boomerang is actually a pretty powerful bad guy who uses modified boomerangs and boomerang-related gadgets to—no wait, he’s really a bit silly in general.


Now, nerds will surely recognize that Captain Boomerang has always been more of a Flash villain, but EW also says that his appearance will coincide with an Arrow/Flash crossover, so he’ll presumably get to meet the Scarlet Speedster anyway. Of course, even bigger nerds will also recognize that Boomerang is a staple of The Suicide Squad, the government-sanctioned team of imprisoned super-criminals that first appeared on Arrow last season. We don’t know if this means Arrow will keep building up its version of The Suicide Squad, but it’s certainly possible. Arrow will first toss out Boomerang in episode seven of its new season, and then he’ll swing back around and hit Arrow in the face in episode eight.

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