The Walking Dead already had its fourth season premiere last night, and as fans can tell you, the series has an even more insatiable need for new characters now, what with all the farming that needs doin’. So, during the show’s New York Comic-Con appearance, new showrunner Scott Gimple not only officially welcomed the recently added Christian Serratos (as Rosita Espinosa) to the cast, he was also “surprised” by Southland actor Michael Cudlitz, who stormed the stage disguised as an angry fan demanding that Sgt. Abraham Ford be added to the show, then revealed that he was, in fact, that character. At the same time, it was also announced that comedian and former Retired At 35 star Josh McDermitt has been added as Ford and Rosita’s “fully mulleted” traveling companion, Dr. Eugene Porter, all of them eventually crossing paths with the core gang during their trip to Washington D.C., where they go to find out how a zombie bill becomes a zombie law, or something.

Anyway, Cudlitz should make a fine Abraham, having not only contributed pretend military service in Band Of Brothers and across several Call Of Duty video games, but also seen things from the other side by playing a zombie on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Oh, you thought we forgot that you were a zombie jock on Buffy, Michael Cudlitz? The Internet never forgets.