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South Park will somehow tackle both Brett Kavanaugh and The Problem With Apu simultaneously

It’s only been a couple episodes, but South Park seems pretty serious about tackling hot-button issues this season. The premiere was about becoming desensitized to school shootings and last week’s episode was about Catholic priests molesting children, and next the show is going to be addressing both the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and Hari Kondabolu’s The Problem With Apu documentary (which detailed The Simpsons’ racist portrayal of Indian-Americans). As reported by The Wrap, tomorrow’s episode is titled “The Problem With A Poo,” and it’s about beloved Christmas mascot Mr. Hankey being asked to testify about his history of offensive behavior. In this clip, you can see him dismissing previous statements as jokes and sniffling, both digs at Kavanaugh’s behavior in the hearings. It’s unclear from these 30 seconds how Kondabolu’s film is involved, but maybe the pun title is as far as that reference will go.


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