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Image: South Park (Comedy Central)

South Park—still Comedy Central’s flagship comedy program, 22 seasons in—has set its next premiere date, with Deadline reporting that the show will be back on the airwaves for new episodes on September 26.


It’s a weird time right now for the long-running series, as the show’s writers attempt to wrestle with the comedic possibilities—or lack thereof—in post-MAGA America. Increasingly, that’s meant a turn toward serialized, season-long storylines, teasing out longer threads and story ideas that sometimes work well, and sometimes sit ill-at-ease with the show’s traditionally more piecemeal structure.

Comedy Central will be celebrating the series at this month’s Comic-Con next weekend, though, including a Cartman-themed escape room, and a trivia competition based around season 20 favorites the member berries. ‘Member them?

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