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South Park says "Fuck the Chinese government" in its 300th episode, which is now free to stream

Screenshot: South Park (YouTube)

South Park celebrated its 300th episode last night as you might expect it to—by publicly, profanely condemning a communist regime. “Fuck the Chinese government!” declared Randy Marsh in “SHOTS!!!,” an episode that found the character’s ally, Towelie, demanding he stop selling weed to China since it’s only being used to frame vulnerable citizens. The declaration, of course, comes after last week’s episode, “Band In China,” lived up to its title by, well, getting the show banned in China for criticizing president Xi Jinping and the ways in which American conglomerates bend to the country’s strict censors.

After the show vanished from Chinese airwaves and message boards, protestors in Hong Kong continued to revel to “Band In China.” Per The Hollywood Reporter, the episode was projected in the city’s Sham Shui Po district on Tuesday night. The episode’s served a larger purpose as well, with protestors online saying the episode can show older members of the community that voices overseas support the protests in Hong Kong, which concern extradition laws that, if passed, would give mainland China more influence and power over the city.


The South Park creators took to Twitter with the declaration to hammer it home that much more.


And, as they did with “Band In China,” they’ve made the 300th episode available to stream for free. Check it out below.


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