South Park

South Park turns 20 this year, long enough for a human being to grow to full maturity. Or possibly immaturity, if they were raised on two decades of farting, pre-teen sex, and talking poop. That’s the gist of a promo Comedy Central released at Comic-Con last night, kicking off what’s intended to be a year of celebration for Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s unstoppable satirical monster.

Those events will include a traveling art exhibit, a new take on the South Park app, and even a new video game, the clever-but-juvenile (and thus, very South Park-ian) South Park: The Fractured But Whole. But it all starts with the show and its legacy, which, the video is quick to remind us, includes not just a statue of the Virgin Mary spouting blood from her vagina, but pre-teen Eric Cartman jerking Ben Affleck off because he thinks his hand is possessed by the spirit of Jennifer Lopez. (“And we didn’t even get sued,” the video’s folksy narrator happily notes.)

[via Deadline]