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South Park creators' deepfake Trump series returns with a Christmas special

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Screenshot: Sassy Justice

In the most elaborate use of deepfakes we’ve seen since that wonderful video where every character in the Full House intro has Nick Offerman’s face (and mustache), South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone created Sassy Justice. The web series, made in collaboration with “Sassy Trump” inventor Peter Serafinowicz, follows Trump-faced Cheyenne 9 news anchor Fred Sassy as he investigates important topics with a little help from other notable (deepfaked) figures.

In order to celebrate the holidays in truly grotesque fashion, Sassy Justice has returned with a Christmas special where a somewhat merry Donald Trump deepfake turns the story of Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer into a parable for the 2020 election.

Justice’s Trump, like the real guy, easily drifts into absurdity as he tries to tell a coherent story. In his twist on Rudolph, a “grumpy old, sleepy-eyed reindeer” ruins the holidays for a “very special reindeer” by stealing away its position as “the best reindeer out of all the reindeers” with a democratic election.


Despite appealing to Santa’s good nature—and his understanding that the special reindeer is indeed the best—the nefarious, sleepy reindeer manages to steal the election. Deepfake Trump loses the plot entirely at this point, working himself up into a lather about what shares the sleepy reindeer owns and how he’s basically just a horrible cheater. In the end, the special reindeer dies from having been treated so unfairly and Christmas is canceled forevermore. The moral of the story, we guess, is that we’re going to be dealing with Trump’s claims of electoral fraud for a long time to come.

For more Sassy Justice, check other clips from the series on YouTube.

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