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South Park BleepGate Day 3: The Daily Show weighs in; Revolution Muslim hacked (and hacked off)

We’ve entered the third day of SouthParkMuhammadBleepGate 2010, perhaps the most compelling censorship case of our entire week, and while official statements from both Comedy Central and Trey Parker and Matt Stone would seem to indicate we’ve reached the end of all the pageviews we can possibly wring out of this story, last night brought at least a couple new spins. First up, Jon Stewart spent the first 10 minutes of The Daily Show commenting on his network’s decision—but as you might expect, Stewart was quick to downplay any blame toward the people who, by his own admission, “sign the checks,” noting that they most likely did it to “protect” their employees. Instead, he primarily directed his comments toward Revolution Muslim, encouraging them “and anyone else threatening death in the name of religion” to go fuck themselves (with the help of a gospel choir!).


And speaking of Revolution Muslim, all of this attention managed to crash the group’s website yesterday, but not before a few hackers crept in and forced it to redirect to this spoof site. Gawker managed to nab some comments from the site’s Younus Abdullah Mohammed, who shrugged off the attack by saying, “If these hackers want to show their support for the filth and trash that is America then that is fine by us. We already know the outcome as Muslims. Islam will take over the world.” Mohammed also pointed readers to a much, much longer litany of complaints about South Park—as well as other Parker/Stone projects; don’t think that whole “Derka Derka Muhammad Jihad” business escaped their attention—although Mohammed told Gawker he doesn’t expect anyone to understand their point of view, seeing as most Americans are “dumbed down, stupid and pathetic. They're worried more about missing their favourite TV show than they are about the world.” Also, we in the media (specifically Gawker, we suppose, but most likely everyone else) are “Darwinist faggots who are as despicable as the rest, walking around eating your Triscuits.” Wait, are Triscuits well known as a snack of the infidels? When did that happen? Anyway, we’re sure this will all blow over soon, as Muslims aren’t really known for holding a grudge.

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